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Our Personal TRAINers

Lu Velazquez

​   I created LUVE Fitness with the hopes of expressing my passion and love for fitness and nutrition inside and outside of the gym.  With over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, I have trained and/or consulted with hundreds of people in the Chicago-land and South Orange County area.

   I received my B.S. in Dietetics and Nutrition from Bradley University 07', then later went on to take an internship and MBA opportunity through the Dominican University program in Oak Park, IL.

   Fate changed my life course, with only a few hours left to finish my program I took an opportunity in South Orange County, CA. For several Years,  I was training and consulting for a gym in Laguna Niguel, California. Managing and growing this business was a huge milestone and expanded the growth in my career. This gave me the opportunity to see the value in starting, operating, and growing a business.    In 2017, I created LUVE Fitness with the goal to continue to help others achieve their nutrition and fitness goals through diet and exercise. My programs take the following into consideration: age, injuries, current physical activity level, goals, etc. No client is too old, young, or "fit" to work with. Along with exercise, another huge focal point is nutrition and will vary from person to person.

   In 2023, I decided to expand my business and created Modern Fitness OC, LLC. Now I can offer new services with the help of great local trainers and health professionals. 

Luis Velazquez Personal Training

Nea Bautista-Wiberg


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Jake Manning

   I'm the owner of JWM Fitness! Boxing and my clients are my passion. After working several years as the head trainer at 9 Round studio in Laguna Niguel, I decided to create my own business to continue my love for health and fitness. Loving what fitness could do for the mind and body, I started the process to become a Certified Personal Trainer a few years ago. Since then I have trained dozens of clients in the boxing, kickboxing, HIIT and weightlifting. So whether its 1-1 boxing, 1-1 personal training, or group boxing, I'm the guy for you! Call me with any inquiries. 

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